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Desert Wind

Shevira and Marika’s relationship is put to a test when Shevira’s wish to become pregnant is fulfilled. Will their love for each other be strong enough to overcome the obstacles?




A Matter of Faith

Yévhíra always tells Karah that she worries too much and that she should have faith.
But faith doesn’t always mean not to worry. Sometimes you need to listen to your worries and act accordingly. Will Karah be able to tell the difference?




Fire and Ice

This is just a short light-hearted contemporary lesbian love story.






A short lesbian love story that plays in the early 90s in Berlin, Germany.



Taxi - Trials Cover


Taxi – Trials (Book 2)

Now that Carmen has almost recovered from her injuries caused by a car accident, Carmen and Ulrike can begin and enjoy their relationship in earnest.

Taxi – Trials is the second book in the Taxi series


The Little Owl  /  Die Kleine Eule  /  A kis bagoly

During the night the little owl hunts for mice, but during the day, all it wants to do is to sleep. However on one particular day, this is becoming very, very difficult… A story in three languages, English, German and Hungarian. For children or for the young at heart language students. A German audio is also available.


The Witch and the Fiddler


The Witch and the Fiddler

Life is good for Zsálya the witch until one day her friend Gyárfás surprises her with an unpleasant revelation.